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I could list music links until the end of time, so here's just a handful...
**All comments are purely subjective, I personally don't care if you agree or not.
  Music Artists
Machine Head Machine Head -- Blatantly honest writing & brutal performance.  Few vocalists have reduced me to shivers.  [I listen to MH almost exclusively while driving... Tip: If you hit heavy traffic when Burn My Eyes is on, just change the cd before you kill someone.]
Corrosion of Conformity Corrosion of Conformity -- I never tire of listening to their Deliverance album.  Pepper Keenan is vocalist #2 in the shivers realm.
Alice in Chains Alice In Chains -- Not enough words...  Layne Staley was, well, let me just say he will never have a rival. [This AIC site is "maintained" by Sony Music, the lazy suits...]
The Cult The Cult -- Much much too much fun to listen to. Warning: tends to incite random tribal dancing if played at high volume while cleaning.
Bauhaus Bauhaus -- For that heliophobic part of me....  Side note: The movie Night of the Demons, while pure hilarious crap-horror, has one great scene featuring Bauhaus' Stigmata Martyr.
Blind Melon Blind Melon -- Okay, so I have this thing with addict musicians... it's still great stuff.  Rest in peace Shannon...
Tool Tool -- The strangest mixture of eloquent cursing, pure genius writing, & subtle subconscious annihiliation.  I have yet to hear anything I don't like from them or any side project.
Fear Factory Fear Factory -- Exactly what their name makes you think of.  Haunting melody hidden within an all-metal non-stop construction site.  Interesting dreams if you fall asleep with Demanufacture on.
  Music Magazines & E-zines
East Coast Romper East Coast Romper -- I've quietly watched this music website/zine go from tiny to nationwide. Has some excellent information on both up-n-coming music as well as been-here-for-a-while artists.
Hit The Pit Hit the Pit -- I've never seen so many music reviews in my life.  A most incredible artist & cd review archive listing.  Good sense of humor, too.
Revolver Magazine Revolver Magazine -- A no-b.s. heavy rock magazine for the intelligent metal fan, or the mindless backyard-wrestling moron.  Where else could you get a year subscription for $12?
Skratch Magazine Skratch Magazine -- A free magazine that should charge a boatload.  Tons of info on the non-mainstream music [mostly punk & skate] scene in Southern California [& elsewhere].
  Friends & Associates
Pittbull Pittbull - Hardcore from Motor City Detroit.  Finally returned after nine years!  If you catch their show, say hey to Justin for me...
  Music Resources

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