Client Project Evaluation Form

This questionnaire will help save time and eliminate many questions about your project right from the start.  The more details you include, the better I can understand your service needs.  You only need to answer what pertains to your specific project.  (I use the word "company" here as a general term only, it does not exclude individuals or non-business groups or organizations.)

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  General Information:

Company Name:      

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Job Title:       

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Company Description (What you do, sell, etc.):

Current Website: 

  Project Goals:

 What is the mission or summary of your project?

 What are the basic and long-term goals? (provide general info, better customer communication, etc.)

 What is your fixed budget or budget range for this project?  

  Project Type:  (check all that apply)
   Website Design and Development

   Website Maintenance and Update

   Graphic Design and Layout (web-based)

   Site Advertising and Promotion

   Media Kit (company information portfolio)

   Promotional Materials (flyers, ads, etc.)

   Graphic Design and Typesetting (non-web)

  Production and Design Details:  (please be as specific as possible)

  Do you have any schedule or deadline requirements for this project?

  What is your target market? (music genre fans, product seekers, etc.)

  Discuss your ideas on identity and design guidelines (colors, art, font styles, etc.) for your project.

  Do you have all text content available or will you need new/revised text?    Available      Need

  How often do you plan to add new content or update existing information?

  Will content updates be done in-house or will you require assistance?    In-House      Need

  Website Structure:  (site development projects only)

  Please provide the primary site sections and pages needed to complete the structure of your site.  (ex: a Music Artist site would include an Intro page, Main Menu, Bio, Photos, Audio, Contact, Guestbook, etc.).  Please list the approximate number of sections and their pages, with brief descriptions of the content for each.

  What functions do you believe are necessary? (file download areas, product catalog, mailing lists, etc.)

  Have you already purchased and registered a Domain Name (URL)?    No      Yes

 If you still need to choose and purchase your domain name, I can check current availability for you and help you register it if needed.  Please list your top three choices (include if .com, .net, .org, etc.):
    1.     2.     3.

 What is your budget for website hosting costs? 

  If you already have site hosting, please give the service name and the specific plan you use.:

  Every website is written in standard HTML 4.0 code language.  More dynamic programming features are available if needed.  If you desire any specific features that require the applications or languages below, please check all that apply:

     Gif Animations (banners, buttons)

     Javascript Elements (applets, menus)

     DHTML (menu, page features)

     CGI (forms and other perl scripts)

     Flash Media (entry, banners)

     Audio/Video Elements (wav, mp3, mpeg)

     Password Protected Sections

     E-Commerce (shopping, PayPal)

     Interactive Features (polls, forum)

   Other (explain): 

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