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  Web Development
DreamHost Website Hosting DreamHost - preferred website host service.  After comparing the features of over 70 hosting plans & services, Dreamhost is definitely the best for the buck.  You won't believe what you get for the price...  They have a sense of humor, too! *shock*
  Code Reference
Web Monkey - Feel an inexplicable desire to learn different code languages?  Start here...
World Wide Web Consortium W3C - World Wide Web Consortium - Just when you think you learned to code... go here & let them validate it for you.  They are the ultimate standard in code language specifications.
  Graphic Design - A huge directory of information on almost any aspect of design needs. - Holy font selection, batman...  This site has about 6000 fonts you can download (win or mac) for free.
AIGA - American Institute of Graphic Arts AIGA - The American Institute of Graphic Arts -- A national association representing designers of all disciplines.
Addme Search Engine Submission - Free search engine submission service.

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