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Leanne J. Ridgeway
Albany, New York


To provide quality design services and project support for individuals, businesses, or organizations that are in need of an Internet presence, graphical identity, or web site maintenance.

A list of design services is available in the Commerce section of this site.


Design and development of informational, e-commerce, personal, and community Internet sites, online and print advertising and promotional materials, for artists, musicians, individuals, and businesses.

Past experience includes long-term project management of online advertising, marketing, and design services for an independent music company and individual music artists;   music release and performance reviews for publication;   music artist portrait and live performance photography and digital image correction and enhancement.

My portfolio is available in the Composition section of this site.

echnical Knowledge

Programming languages: primarily HTML and CSS, with intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, DHTML, Perl/CGI, and some database-driven applications.  I update fluency for current standards, as well as building skills in languages such as XML, PHP, and Cold Fusion.

Multimedia/Design Software: Adobe Suite: PhotoShop, ImageReady, Acrobat, InDesign, PageMaker; JASC PaintShopPro; Macromedia: Dreamweaver, Flash; plus many Xara, Ulead, CoffeeCup, and other design-oriented software applications.
**while I do list the web development software I can operate, my preference is to write code in a basic text/HTML editor only -- I'm not a "Notepad snob', I just find it much easier this way.

Business Applications: Microsoft Office Professional Suite: Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Visio; ADP payroll software; FundEZ; Crystal Reports; FilemakerPro; QuickBooks; Lotus SmartSuite; Corel WordPerfect; as well as several OCR/scanning and digital fax applications.

Operating Systems: Windows 3.11, 9x, NT, 2000, and XP; working knowledge of Macintosh OS.

Equipment Operation: Install and configuration of PC hardware, software, peripherals, and basic ethernet networks, as well as most office and business machines.

dditional Information

In addition to my design and technical abilities, I have an extensive employment history in corporate, non-profit, human services, and government related fields.   I have a current resume available detailing my work history. If you would like a copy, please e-mail me.

ersonal Information

Aside from the obvious obsession with anything computer-related, my personal interests are in my dog Herrah (a female AmStaff), my music collection, being visually capitivated by fine art (especially the work of Gustav Klimt), movies and feature film, modern literature, and a vaguely disturbing interest in forensic science and criminal investigations.

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