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he idea of 'Compulsionz' started in 1997 with my first website.  The original was more of a testing ground for my self-learned knowledge of graphic design & web development.  My background is in fine art, but I've loved computers since my father taught me to program COBOL when I was eight years old. (If only I retained that knowledge...)  So, my thought was... why not combine both my obsessions?

I began my experiment using an enormous collection of my favorite (& not-so-favorite) websites & created a visual directory of eclectic mind candy, along with personal writings & various oddities.  (Many of the same links will be in the 'Curiousity' section.)

The site developed into nearly 100 categorized pages & appeared in over 1000 international search engines & web directories.  Strangely enough, if you type the word "compulsionz" into, some of the old Compulsionz links are still listed today.

Over the next two years, I developed my skills from non-existent to fairly capable, & landed a partnership with several Southern California music artists I came into contact with.  I began assisting with design of their web sites & promotional materials, as well as online marketing.

After relocating to the West Coast, Compulsionz went on the back-burner for several years while I worked with many folks in the music industry & fine-tuned my interest in design.  My desire to update the Compulsionz site never waned, but I simply couldn't put forth the time it needed & deserved.

After three years in Los Angeles, then another year working in Las Vegas, I decided to return to my beloved East Coast (one can really only take so much perpetual sunshine before one determines that the general population needs complete & utter eradication... or... the Southwest is not all it's cracked up to be.)  With my doggie in tow, I've settled back in New York & am enjoying every minute of it.  (I missed thunderstorms & actual seasons more than you could imagine.)

I now work full time in the non-profit sector (believe it or not, I thoroughly love my job), & complete web development projects from my home office on a part time basis.  I also collaborate occasionally with my very good friend, Ginger Geracitano, who owns a design company (WebWenchDesign), as well as work on my own projects.  I do still assist some music friends a little bit, but for the most part I now concentrate on what got me interested in this in the first place... Art, Code, & the amazing patterns in both.

So, with this in mind... Compulsionz is once again.  The site may change pretty frequently as I experiment.  If you are interested in what you see & need some help getting your own site up or redesigned, feel free to contact me.  If you don't need any help & just want to wander, feel free to look around.  If you're lost & can't figure out how the hell you even got here, feel free to leave... or stay.

yikes & away...


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